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We recognize

The Value of Studying Abroad

We sincerely believe that giving an individual the option to study abroad considerably increases their ability to reach their full potential. They are able to view the world differently as a result of it. It unites different civilizations. By providing better professional options, richer life experiences, unexpected connections, and a drive for exploration, it maximizes a person's potential. In a nutshell, we think it greatly improves the world.

Status Quo

Despite the significant and rapidly expanding need, there appears to be a complete lack of organizations created specifically to aid students in making this crucial and frequently perplexing choice. An avenue where students can receive all the assistance they require to settle in a foreign country in one location, under the strict supervision of a human expert advisor, with the help of a professional network.

We were shocked to discover a complete lack of such help when we first entered this market.

A hero arises

That's where we come in.

In a market that has been around for a while, is significant, expanding, very fragmented, and devoid of real technological innovation, Creed Education Solutions is leading the way with a highly unique product strategy. We believe there is a huge chance to provide students with an elegant solution that will support them during this crucial time in their lives by consolidating all the resources and services into one chat-centric location. By minimizing the searching, gathering, and uncertainty that make the process so difficult for so many, we want to satisfy all of their demands.

Who Is On Our Team

Our team at Creed Education Solutions is everything. Helping others is at the heart of our business, which is superbly backed by technology. In the last year, our team has rapidly expanded both organically and through the acquisition of four really unique companies that each specialize in a distinct aspect of study abroad. These include Top Offer in Chengdu, China, and Study in the USA situated in Seattle, USA. London, England-based College Connection and Dubai, United Arab Emirates-based ProEd. Each strengthens and completes our current teams of experienced advisors, salespeople, marketers, tech whizzes, financiers, and operations geniuses.

Meet our team

We are a smart team of leading digital personnel.

Ekene Anekwe - CEO

ekene anekwe

Co-Founder and CTO


Mark linomi



ayoub fennouni



Jenie Smith

Product Manager

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