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Why study abroad?

Establishing your reasons for wanting to study abroad is an excellent place to start before you work toward doing so. Your choice of university and destination nation may be influenced by this. Your motivation could be as straightforward as you want the challenge and the chance to live abroad, or you can have a strong interest in a certain nation, or you might have always wanted to attend a certain university, or your university of choice has a fantastic program for your field of study. Be clear about your motivations, and if they lead you to a specific nation or set of universities, let them be your compass.

No matter where you decide to study and for what reasons, make sure the program you’re enrolling in satisfies your needs and will give you the options you desire when your studies are through.
To help you decide, think about seeking assistance. A valuable resource is student counselors and agents who focus in assisting students with studying abroad. Talk to one of our Advisors. 
If you wish to study abroad and believe you have the grades and resources, speak with one of our Advisors to learn how they can help the process go more quickly and smoothly.

Can you help me with a short-term course?

Numerous possibilities for quick programs where you can get a certificate are offered by our college and university partners. Please inform your Creed Solutions study advisor of the kind of program you are seeking, and they will assist you in finding it.

What are your company's main benefits while assisting me with the application process?

Creed Educational Solution is a leading international education advisory service provider. Our international operations, wide partner network, seasoned advisors, and cutting-edge technologies have ensured that students looking to study abroad will receive high quality, end-to-end services. Our services start early in the home country of the student, with careful planning and thorough research, and continue all the way through helping the student receive offers from his or her dream schools and arrive in the target countries, where our post application services would continue to assist the student.

What should I plan to do in terms of research projects, academic competitions, and internships before traveling abroad?

A candidate’s entire educational history and experience outside of the classroom have emerged as key factors that admission authorities are paying attention to as a result of the increased competitiveness in foreign university applications, particularly those of high ranking. As a result, achievements such as awards from academic competitions, research projects at prestigious institutions, and internships at reputable companies are becoming more and more significant. These achievements are seen as critical differentiators for applicants with similar GPAs. Our advisors will assist students in making the best program decisions and in building up their advantages for future applications.


​​When should I take IELTS/TOFEL/GMAT/GRE/SAT/AP, etc.?

All of the exam results mentioned above have a valid period of time. The results of an IELTS examination, for instance, would be valid for two years. Therefore, before applying to any undergraduate or graduate programs, you must make sure your exam scores are genuine. The majority of colleges in most developed nations would accept applications without a language test score and would conditionally extend offers, requiring applicants to supply the necessary valid test results later on.

What are the entry criteria for my target schools and programs?

The requirements differ between programs and between schools. Our experienced counselors will assist students in thoroughly researching their desired programs and in determining their particular interests, talents, and limitations. Our goal is to assist students in identifying the programs and colleges that are the best matches for them, and to help them gauge how well their current background aligns with their desired programs.

What grades do I need to be eligible to attend a reasonably ranked school?
  1. To study for a bachelor’s degree, recommended eligibility is a 3.0 or higher grade point average
  2. To study for a Master’s degree, minimum grade point average is 3.0
I have got X years work experience, how would this benefit my applications and study abroad?

Work experience will be taken into consideration and is typically helpful for applications. Additionally, candidates of this sort typically possess a strong drive for personal growth and a clear grasp of what they hope to learn and accomplish from the target programs. An applicant would typically have a better probability of being accepted into target programs at target institutions if they had an education background that was comparable to that of other applicants and had more job experience.


What budget should I be preparing for my study in xxx major in US/UK/CA/AUS/HK/MR, etc?

From program to program, school to school, and nation to nation, budgets differ. Our knowledgeable advisors would assist clients in creating a table of target programs and would supply all pertinent information regarding anticipated living and educational costs. Normally, a year of study would cost between 60,000 and 120,000 USD in the US and between 45,000 and 70,000 USD in the UK, Australia, Canada, and Hong Kong, while in Mauritius a year of study would cost between 10,000 and 20,000 USD.

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