Holidays in the British Virgin Islands

It makes sense that a few of the British Virgin Islands' more than 60 isles—the majority of which are uninhabited—are named after Caribbean pirates and that they are thought to have inspired Robert Louis Stevenson's classic book Treasure Island. While you might not discover any hidden wealth while on vacation in the British Virgin Islands, the views are worth every penny.

There are countless ways to spend a luxurious vacation in this far-off paradise, from snorkeling with green turtles and eagle rays to combining treks through the ancient jungle with five-star leisure on pearl-white beaches. Vacations to the British Virgin Islands are packed with "wow experiences," like diving Horseshoe Reef, one of the Caribbean's largest barrier reefs and a place where brilliant coral and sunken ships compete for space. Other places include The Baths National Park, where enormous granite boulders rule, and the fabled Soggy Dollar Bar, a rum shack that is normally reached by swimming. Where else can you do that?

It's hardly surprising that the British Virgin Islands are one of the world's best sailing locations given their history as a pirate haven. A week on the water is a totally relaxed way to island-hop around its best regions and take in every last piece of these exquisite emerald drops, which are possibly the best in the Seven Seas.

British Virgin Islands Highlights

See otherworldly natural beauty

The majority of views of the British Virgin Islands’ edges are of gorgeous beaches with scattered palms. On the island of Virgin Gorda, The Baths National Park is a little unusual, with its golden edges appearing to be overrun by enormous granite boulders, some of which are as large as three-story houses and offer spectacular natural drama. In order to reach this lovely site, you must first scramble over rocks, wade through tide pools, and squeeze through seemingly small spaces. Only then does the landscape suddenly open up onto a picture-perfect beach. The rocks have created shallow pools and grottoes that offer distinctive snorkeling opportunities. But if you spent the entire time here gazing in awe at the wild surroundings, we wouldn’t blame you.

Find a remote atoll

Anegada stands out from its volcanic island sisters thanks to its pancake-flat look and low elevation of barely 28 feet above the water. This peaceful atoll is the ideal place to unwind on the dunes or set up a hammock and take a siesta in the sun because it has endless pearl-white beaches that are caressed by turquoise waters. It is endowed with an abundance of colorful reefs, each teeming with tropical fish. Flamingos dotting its salty ponds and brilliant frangipani and orchid flowers illuminating the landscape reward those who desire to explore more. Try the restaurant’s hallmark dish before you leave; although Anegada lobster can be found on many menus around the British Virgin Islands, it is best served here, where it is pulled from the water in front of your eyes and roasted on the grill.

Go on a sailing trip

The British Virgin Islands are a sailor’s paradise, blessed with year-round sun, consistent trade winds, and millpond-calm azure waters. A sailing vacation in the British Virgin Islands, which are made up of 60 islands, is a lovely chance to see a few of them while stopping at secluded bays and undeveloped beaches that you probably won’t share with anyone. Even if you aren’t interested in spending the night on board, a day of sailing provides an insightful look at some of its isolated islands and the opportunity to sip on a cool beverage at a temporary beach bar. It would be impolite to not!

Swim to a beach bar

You simply can’t say you’ve been to the British Virgin Islands without experiencing the upbeat atmosphere of the legendary Soggy Dollar Bar, which is well-known throughout the archipelago. This approach to arriving to the bar has become a traditional rite of passage for any guest. It gets its name from sailors who used to swim ashore and spend their sea-soaked money. The iconic Painkiller drink was also created by it; it’s a deadly but delicious concoction of rum, coconut, pineapple, orange juice, and nutmeg.

Go snorkeling or diving

Although it would seem like a no-brainer for a tropical archipelago, skimming among the reefs of the British Virgin Islands is truly like discovering a new planet. You won’t be let down wherever you go because varied coral serves as a playground for a wide variety of marine life. Eagle rays, squid, and tarpon can be found at Cistern Point on Cooper Island. Epic underwater tunnels and ridges can be found at Norman Island’s Angelfish Reef. Smuggler’s Cove on Tortola offers snorkeling right off the shore. simply to mention a few!

In the British Virgin Islands, discover the natural world's hidden gems.

British Virgin Islands Travel Essential

Do I need any vaccine for the British Virgin Islands ?

The British Virgin Islands do indeed need or suggest some vaccinations. Hepatitis A, hepatitis B, typhoid, rabies, meningitis, polio, measles, mumps, and rubella (MMR), Tdap (tetanus, diphtheria, and pertussis), chickenpox, shingles, pneumonia, and influenza vaccinations are all advised for the British Virgin Islands by the CDC and WHO.

It is advised to get vaccinated against COVID-19 before traveling to any area, local or foreign. To find out if vaccinations are available in your region, contact your neighborhood Passport Health clinic.

What is the currency in the British Virgin Islands ?

The currency is the US dollar.

Do I need a visa for a holiday in the British Virgin Islands ?

Persons wishing to visit the British Virgin Islands are encouraged to verify visa requirements for entry at BVI ports. Speak with our agents to find out if you would be needing one

What language is spoken in the British Virgin Islands ?

The official language spoken in the British Virgin Islands is English. 

The Best Time to Visit the British Virgin Islands

The British Virgin Islands are blessed with a tropical environment, which means they enjoy year-round sunshine and average temperatures of 28°C.

The archipelago's dry season, which lasts from December to April, is when sunny weather is most consistent. Although still uncommon, tropical showers are still a possibility, particularly at the start (December) and conclusion of the dry season (March and April). With waters as quiet as a millpond, it's also the best period for sailing vacations. May is only slightly wetter than April, making it a fantastic month to travel to the British Virgin Islands.

The official hurricane season for the Caribbean runs from June through November. Although they bring more rain, the months of June, July, and August are great for tourism since they have an abundance of sunshine, lush foliage, and tropical flowers that cover the islands. There are also a lot fewer crowds. In September and October, when the likelihood of tropical storms and hurricanes is highest, the rains reach their height. Although the rest of hurricane season is quite enjoyable, these two months are not the best for sailing because the waters can be quite choppy.

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